Sunday, January 17, 2010


I went to my friends birthday house party last night, its always a good time over there, but I maybe had a little more than I usually like to drink. Shortest necklace was my mothers and the other two are thrifted i believe, black cardigan thrifted, black cropped tank thrifted, belt f21, skirt f21, socks target, boots target.

Being a good samaritan and blocking a friend from the peeping camera while she's on the pot. See her cute bum?


hannah said...

youre cute, haha nice bathroom block!

Wishful Nals said...

adorable blog! xo

Emily said...

thankyou both!

Madison. said...

I love your outfit, especially the boots! Haha that last photo made me laugh :D

I've started a new blog
Please check it out and see what you think :)

Ashlee said...

your outfit is adorable.
and how kind of you to block your friend from an embarrassing photo.

M. said...

LOVE the outfit so much!

lovelove, M.

Rochelle said...

That's a really cute outfit! I love your hair, too. :)

Alia said...

hahahah emily I love it. I'm bored & totally stalking you <3 <3 Lets get together sometime again pleasee