Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love Hoarders

Tomorrow is going to be a very productive day for me. Or at least I plan on it being one. More like I hope I don'g get really lazy and just end up sitting around my house until I go to work at 5pm.
My room is very very messy. And I mean really messy. And I plan on cleaning it, again, tomorrow. I have never truly been able to keep my room clean my whole life. I'm not really sure why, I am fairly neat everywhere else in my life except for my room. My locker in school was always very neat, I find myself being very tidy other places, especially at work. I love organizing, and facing the shelves. Its a little strange.
But my room has always been a sea of clothes all over. It looks as if a bomb went off in my room (thats what my dad always used to say..still does sometimes actually) and it doesn't take long either for it to get that way. I can clean it one day and 3 days later it will be extremely messy. It mostly has to do with me having WAY too much clothes, and never putting them away.
As i'm sure a lot of you do as well, it can take me a while to pick out an outfit, and in the process i try on lots of different clothes, and when I discard them I never put them away in their drawers or on their hangers, I just kind of..throw them on the floor. I would have to say its one of my worst qualities, but!.. it is one of my new years resolutions, the second I think I mentioned on here. I am trying to purge much more and keep things more well organized.
My best friend Ali moved to Brooklyn a few months ago, and in doing so she narrowed down her possessions immensely. She has six bags of possessions. Wow. I would like to be able to do such a thing. Imagine knowing everything you own? Well maybe most of you do, but I sure know I don't!

I think i got off track a little here with what I wanted to talk about. And that is my productive day tomorrow! So yes, clean my room is first thing (right after some breakfast) and it needs to get clean to I can use my space to take some photos of things I plan on selling (also part of my new purging) on my Etsy shop. I just recently opened it and I currently have six things posted, but I have much much more I want to put up, a lot of clothing mostly. And well thats really my whole list of thigns to do tomorrow. All I can think on now anyway.
Now it's time to watch Hoarders on A& now, since I was working last night? Does anyone watch that show? Kind of funny how much I like it after telling you all how messy I am. I promise i'm not a hoarder!


Madison. said...

I once read this really good tip from a magazine (just in case in case you ARE a hoarder ;) ). Every time you buy something, take something from your room and get rid of it/ sell it.

Job done :) Less things to own (or at least the same amount of things the whole time)

Emily said...

thats a good idea. yes i have to bring new guidelines like this into my life. i am much better and only getting things that really matter to me, but i still to bring in alot. thanks for the tip!

Ashlee said...

i try to live by the rule that madison mentioned above but my room is still a mess of clothes. i need to do an etsy purge.

i loovvee hoarders. it's really terrible how much i like watching it, because the people clearly have serious disorders, which is actually very sad.