Tuesday, January 5, 2010

day one

So I have once again decided to start a blog. Well not start, more like take the one I already had, delete all the posts I made and start fresh. I really wouldn't call my first attempt an attempt at all. I made a few posts, but nothing of any real significance. My old laptop breaking was probably also a good reason why it never really got off the ground. But i now finally have a macbook pro, which is waaaay better than the toshiba pc I used to own, so no excuses!
So what will this blog be about..its defiantly a fashion blog. I went to school for fashion design, finished december of last year. But my interests have always been more towards styling.
It will be a life style blog i suppose. I'll post about myself, ad outfit posts which I used to take regularly, but that also went out the window with the blog. Basically 2010 is going to be a year of re-growth for me. Hopefully I will get a few readers who will watch and read as a type my little heart out onto this page.
ALSO I have an etsy, nothing is up on it yet, but soon i will be selling some things from my now quite large vintage collection. So I hope you all enjoy!


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daydreamsnightwalks said...

you did so well 2010 i was following from the beginning and you achieved the 2 things i wanted to do most make a fantastic blog, get an etsy shop up and running and going really well just congratulating you here and thanks for showing it is possible x i only hope i can do the same with my jewelry making and painting this year x your number 1 stalker/lookalike emily x