Friday, January 22, 2010

Blonde hair and long braids


My hair has been a rainbow of different colors starting from when i was 15. well not a rainbow..more like burgundy to orange (NOT on purpose) to platinum blonde to dark brown to strawberry blonde to blonde to "chocolate cherry" to eventually fading into sort of my old natural hair color. That was a mouthful. And a few months ago, after saying I would never dye my hair again, I dyed my hair again. I'm trying to go blonde, again, but not really really blonde. i want it to look natural and I don't want it to be too light that my roots become a big problem again. Dying your hair blonde consistently was one of the biggest mistakes iv ever made. It dried out my hair big time. But i can't help but go back to a lighter hue all the time.
So my most recent encounter with hair dye was about a week ago, I had a friend who went to beauty school do it for me. We went to Sally's and everything, got real dye and did it in my bathroom. However the dye didn't really take to my hair for some reason. It sucks. So i'm still trying to go lighter.

This lady here has maybe my dream hair. It's long and beautiful and jsut the right shade of blonde. This is the color id say i'm going for. natural and beautiful.

Oh, and I will also be getting extensions put in! I had a friend do it once before (once again, we went to a beauty supply store, bought them to match my hair color at the time and she glued them in for me) and she did a great job. But this time I will be getting them sewn in, so they will last much longer. They make my hair about down to my waist. I love having long hair like that and i want to put them in again. I saved them after taking them out, about 2 years ago. But in order to put them back in I need to dye my hair to match. My hair was much more blonde at the time. I don't think I ever took any photos while I had them in, although I wish I did!

I love long braids, I wear my hair in one a lot, often times for work. But even though my hair is pretty long, its not as long as I would like it to be. I'm beginning to think my hair has reached its growing point. Did you know that some people just have a limit? While others can grow hair down to their butt in only a few months. Some peoples hair just wont sop at all! Man, I wish my hair grew faster. I would change my hair style all the time since I know it would just grown right back in a short time.
So yea, I plan on wearing it in a beautiful long messy braid pretty often when I get my new long blonde locks. Kinda like the ones these girls have..


Madison. said...

I really like the idea of wearing a long braid out - i haven't done that since I was in junior school! I'm glad I have never dyed my hair, I was very tempted a few times but everyone kept saying that I had a lovely natural colour anyway - I have incredibly dark hair. I think i'm too lazy to redye too. Now people are coming up to me saying they want to dye their hair my colour - so I'm glad I didn't do it! haha

Emily said...

yes yes! i always tell anyone whos made it this long without dying it DONT DO IT! you can never get that same hair back ya know? what i really like is the summer, because then my hair gets lighter from the sun naturally, and it really brings out alot of my natural highlights.