Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Today has been a pretty lazy day. I work at the grocery store Trader joe's, you may know it. We sell a lot of organics, private labeled things. Its a really great place to shop. But anyways, I work mornings a lot, and then i have the rest of the day. A nap is usually called for like I did today.
I;m sure by now most blog readers know about the weardrobe 100, absolutely amazing! all the blogs I read are on it, along with so many more I never even knew about. I have spend a great deal of the day going through it and checking out every blog. I'm always on the look out for a new blog to read, and this was almost too good to be true.
This past year especially was the year of the blogger, no matter what you were blogging about, it was deemed THE way to get the word out. And in the world of fashion, it lets you get your word out fast, and in a scene where things change so quickly, it was the prefect fit.
And personally, it's a great inspiration since i am just starting up my blog at the start of the new year, I can only hope to be featured next year, but it just give me that little extra push to really turn this blog into something.

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