Tuesday, January 26, 2010


for the longest time i have loved fishtail braids, but never knew how to do them. a while ago i looked up a tutorial on how to do it, and it seemed easy enough but i still couldn't really master it. although i did barley even try, i couldn't keep the two sections of hair separate at the base, and it was getting tangled. and i just said forget about it.
the other night i tried it on myself again, for teh first time really. this is how it turned out..

it was quick, and messy and i only did about half cause i started to loose control of it again, but i though not bad for the first time! then this morning i did this one..

sooooo much better! it really helps if you put the hair in a pony first, which you can always take out later. i really love the messy kinda of fishtail braids seen all over the runways recently and in editorials.
last night i searched again, for something on fishtails, anything really, and i came across this crazy blog. its a woman and her daughter and she does all tis crazy stuff to her hair. like you wouldn't imagine, its very cute actually. that girl always has her hair done so nice for everything. but one post i found was on fishtails with a tutorial so check it out here

i think im going to be wearing my hair like this a lot more often!!

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