Thursday, January 21, 2010

Etsy overload

Wow, I have been going etsy crazy today. Like I said earlier, I bought that hat, but I have been on the site favoriting things like crazy. And even asking some sellers to hold things for me, or extra information on something i'm interested in buying. I have never bought anything on etsy, or even off the internet before today. And I have to say its kind of addicting. Especially when you find something thats such a good deal! It's like its just so easy, here at my fingertips, just a click away from that package being in the mail on its way to me! And I love getting packages in the mail, so thats another bonus!
Now if only the things I have listed would sell!
Oh and by the way, I added the mini etsy thing over to the right there. Please check it out! theres only a few simple things on there right now, but i plan on putting more on within the week.

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