Friday, January 15, 2010

without wheels

On Wednesday night around 6:30 I got into a car accident. Luckily it wasn't really bad and no one was really hurt. Well I hurt my arm but ill get into that in a minuet. I was driving, the only one in my car, it was really stupid actually. Its embarrassing to tell because it involves Burger King. Now listen, I aint no Fast Food kind of person. I used to eat the junk a lot more, but i eat very healthy now almost vegan actually since I spend a lot of time with my friend Jeremy, who is vegan. Anywho, I was on my way to his house actually, but stopped at BK on the way, to get some chicken fries. I was starving and didn't want to go to Jeremy's place and eat more of his food.
So I get my food from the drive through window and go to pull out of the parking lot. There is a traffic light at the next block to the right and all the cars in the eastbound lane in front of me are stopped at it, and the cars left a gap for me to make my left hand turn into a pretty busy street. I go through, I see the other lane that im going to be turning into is clear, then I look and I hear a horn and see headlights and we hit.
As I was crossing over the middle turning lane that runs up an down the road, a woman was getting into it from the lane of stopped cars at the light. My front driver light hits the same on her car. My airbags went off. It was all quite quick actually. And pretty crazy. I have never been in a car accident before this, and those airbags gong off was crazy, Before I knew it they were already deflating and the car was filled with this powder that comes out when your airbags deploy. It was making me cough big time and I had to open the door.
All I remember doing right away was saying "oh shit oh shit!" I couldn't believe it. It really sucked. We could have just missed each other cause it was so far to the left on both of our cars. Bad timing too, I had warm food I had to eat! There was a man who stopped, his name was Kenny, I think he said he was an off duty fire fighter or something, He was something off duty, and very nice and helpful. He called the cops for us, told us both to stay in our cars. Honestly, I didn't even interact with the other woman at all. All I know is that she was an older woman named April, with a handicap thing hanging from her mirror. We both refused an ambulance, thank god. I knew I was okay, but I wanted to be sure she was as well. I don't really know whose fault the accident was, since we couldn't really see each other till we hit. Well, I couldn't see her. I don't really know what she could see.
These are the damages:
As you can see, I was wearing lipstick when this happened. Lipstick all over the airbag.

I called my mom, she came down,I filled out a police report, A tow truck came and took my car away. Now I am without a car, which really sucks. The damage wasn't too too bad, but since the airbags deployed, and it would cost more to get the damages fixed than the car is worth ( its a gold 98 Nissan Maxima) its considered totaled.
So now I am experiencing some sort of shoulder pain. When the airbag went off it hit me in the face, and my jaw hurts because of that. I cant really open it all the way, but thats starting to feel a bit better. The real problem is mr shoulder. I have some bruising my the top of my left hand and wrist, and the shoulder of the same arm is really messed up. I went to get an x-ray today, they said there is no real problem they can see, but I cant really use the arm. Typing, like i'm doing right now doesn't hurt, but lifting anything, even just to lift the arm its self hurts. Hopefully that will go away soon. In the mean time I may get a sling to wear so I don't move it around too much.
Now I just need to clean out my car, which is sitting my in drive way, and sell it for junk. And get a new car. Oy, this really sets me back. Another new years resolution of mine was to save up so I can eventually move out my my parents house this year. But now I have to save up to get a new car, which is funny because I would like to move somewhere where I wouldn't need a car anyways. Oh life, why do you do these things to me?!
And this is my x-ray. As you can see , nothing is wrong at all! Well I don't really know how to tell that. But I love x-rays. Seeing my ribs and skinny little arm. So silly!

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