Friday, April 8, 2011

april gloom


I would have liked the title to be june gloom, sounds better.. but it's still only april, and gloomy even so! It has been rainy and cold and cloudy here the last couple of days which has kept me away from the outfit posts. I like to actually wear my outfits out, and if I were to post anything these last couple of days, the clothes would have only been on for the photos, as i'v been working a lot and the outfits I have been thinking up aren't quite appropriate for this weather. Even today is overcast.. But I have the day off and I plan to make something of it! The overcast sky actually makes quite nice light for photos, so all is not lost.

I got this hat in the mail earlier this week from the wonderful shop Little Deer Vintage run by the lovely Taylor who's blog I have been quite the fan of for a bit now. We worked out a little trade for this baby and I couln't be happier. I have thought up a billion outfits around it already.. if only the weather would brighten up!! This dress I thrifted last week and will be making its way into my shop in due time. The belt is thrifted and the doctors bag is from an estate sale, it's so great! The handles might be going kind of soon, but It was a lucky find! I just got these "Garren" Blowfish wedges from DSW the other day. It's funny cause I had been eyeing them online for a bit, then I decided to stop in DSW on a whim to see if they had any platforms, and there they were! I am definitely going to get a lot of use out of these this summer!



Jessica - Naomi said...

oh em I like those shoes and that bag alot! the bag especially!

Sewon said...

It's been rather gloomy here, too. I don't know what's the deal with the weather this spring, but I'm loving your braids and pretty dress!

hillary, mammal and lamb said...

Love your dress! So sweet. I adore side braids and yours goes perfectly with the hat.

Kelly said...

I love everything about this outfit! Very adorable and spring-like. This rain is putting quite a damper on things for me as well. Spring will arrive..someday?

Amelia said...

rockin the side bread, love it. and the print of that dress is beautiful

By Sara Romero said...

that hat is so adorable and im in love with your wedges. i would have never thought to go to DSW! im so glad i stumbled on your blog you have awesome posts and i already had checked out your etsy. the velvet mini dress is gorgeous i hope i win it on erins giveaway :)

im following, hope you do the same...


gee said...

what a great find on your dress. i love the pattern and colors in it. i will def keep my eyes open for it on your etsy!! you look beautiful.
it was gloomy here for FINALLY the sun has begun to show it's self. :)

Meg said...

i LOVE that hat! and the print of the dress is amazing

Camille said...

you look lovely!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

what a perfect vintage dress! so ladylike .. the wedges give it some sass.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

This is amazing. it was featured as modest outfit inspiration on Sunday at

this dress is unique and so fun and lovely. I really love those shoes with it too.

The photo will also be featured on my personal fashion blog in the weekend coming.