Tuesday, April 19, 2011



I wear something like this on more casual days, like today I worked at 4am, and sometimes when i get out of work and I have to be out and around after I'll throw on something like this. This is practically what I wear to work anyways, with out the JC's, foot wear like that is not allowed ;)

I just thrifted these jeans over the weekend in MA, they are from target originally I think, but I got them for $7! I have been looking for more of a flare recently, bell bottoms are making their way back into my wardrobe, and so I was really excited to find these. Especially when I hardly shop for jeans cause I usually have terrible luck. They have some corny peace signs on the back pockets kind of stitched in, but I can live with that.

I got this great comfy sweater at an estate sale some time last year. One I really had to dig through, the house was BEAUTIFUL and old and great, but it hadn't been looked after in decades, so it was a mess. I got another one just like it in a light blue, and some great tee shirts from that sale. I got this cute little bag over the weekend as well, and the scarf probably from some thrift store years ago.



By Sara Romero said...

those jeans are awesome especially for $7! i love the casual hair up do and the bright sweater. you look like a total 70s babe


amanda said...

omg. you are soooooooooo amazing. love your hair, your outfit, everything!!! sorry, i happen to think you're pretty great :)

ash said...

so amazing! The hair makes it even greater I'm in love.

Jessicat said...

I love your hair in this! And that sweater, swoon! The colour looks great on you (and goes so nicely with your natural hair colour!)

Kelly said...

I dig this. Sometimes I find such great pleasure in the simplicity of jeans and a cozy sweater.

Kennedy said...

super cute hair and those jeans rule on you!

Ashlee said...

headscarves an my hair just don't seem to like each other...but you have done it beautifully.

i have the same troubles with thrifting jeans...this pair is really great!

asha said...

I love that you can pull off flares. I find I just look silly in them. Gorgeous!

Emily said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! That's my that-is-a-freakin'-amazing-outfit noise.