Thursday, April 21, 2011

floral breeze


Today is sooooo windy! It's very nice out and sunny, but it was a bit hard taking these photos without getting blown away. Although I'm still feeling pretty sick today (pretty bad cough and no end to the snot coming out my nose) today is a really good day! In about an hour I'm gonna get in my car and head to Brooklyn, first to trade some things at beacons closet and see if I can find a special treasure to take place of about 20 things I never wear. I'm always so surprised by how I can go through my clothes like once a month an always get rid of some things. Then the real highlight of the night.. seeing a Neutral Milk Hotel cover band!! They are called Neural UKE Hotel (a ukelele is involved) and they will be playing In the Aeroplane Over the Sea in it's entirety. Holy moly! What a great idea. I'm super excited for this, hope it makes up for the bust of a show in MA I went to last month that I thought was gonna involve NMH songs. Its gonna be a good night, I think I'll end up loosing my voice!

This blouse Ali gave me a week or so ago when I went over to help her take photos for her shop. It was gonna go into the shop, but it has some pit stains and she wants to sell better quality stuff.. and hell! I don't mind those pit stains! S she let me have it! I love the detail and the color and the fabric is soft as can be! The belt is also from Ali actually, I needed a skinny brown belt one day so she gave me one of hers. What are best friends for, if not stuff like this :)

This skirt is another thrift find from when I was in MA over the weekend. I was planing on selling it, but I just may keep it for a bit. It's a gauzy type fabric and I really love the length. I feel like I don't have any skirts that hit that point, so it's fun to try something different. And the shoes are the same ones I wore yesterday, I got them from Tialey Vintage on etsy.

I'm trying to smile a bit more in photos! I tend to make this stern face, and not just in photos, like all the time. If I'm not making an expression I tend to look very sad or angry. People I work with ask me all the time if I'm alright, hah. And I keep getting some comments asking for me to smile more.. so i'll try! :)



hillary said...

Love the delicate blouse and your teensy bit of a smile is cute!

I missed Neutral Uke Hotel when they came to down last summer :( they sound really fun, I hope you have an awesome night! :)

Amelia said...

pretty! love the cut of the skirt, super flowy and flattering. you always have the best lip colors!

Joy said...

So pretty! I love everything that you wear!

Mandi Johnson said...

I tend to think outfit posts with lots of smiling can be a bit obnoxious. haha I don't know how I began to think that, I just remember one day looking at some blog posts that annoyed me, and I couldn't figure out why, and then I put my finger on it. The fake smiles. Now your smile, however, is subtle and lovely. I'm just a weirdo. And sometimes I forget to smile too. But then, if I think too much about it, I think it looks fake. So subtle smiles are usually what I get, unless someone else is taking the photos for me. Then, they say funny things, and you might get a real gummy grin from me. :)
Sorry to ramble! lol But also, I think the orange lipstick looks great on you!

kimpesch said...

lurving these shoes!!! xo, Kim

Ringo, have a banana! said...

The print on that skirt is PERFECT, don't you dare sell it (to anybody but me!)

Jessicat said...

I totally know what you mean about not smiling. I always get reminded to smile at work aswell, and I do now actually, because of that one person constantly saying it. Its funny though because I think of myself as a really happy bubbly person but I guess my natural face is not has "bubbly" as I think. Oh well. You look gorge either way!

girl and bird said...

WOAH, neutral uke hotel?! they sound incredible!! i'm so jealous!
and I love your stern face, it's beautiful!!

Annah xx

Phara said...

Another brilliant outfit, love that skirt. Aargh, colds can be so annoying, hope it dissapears real soon! Have fun at the gig.

Dulcie said...

you look absolutely divine, I love the way you can seamlessly move from a very trendy look to a whimsically girly one. you're such an inspiration to me :)

Hattitude said...

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog
you my friend are absolutely stunning!

talk soon wild child
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