Saturday, April 9, 2011

meg knits giveaway!


My very first giveaway! I'm excited about this post for a few reasons, I haven't really done anything involving sponsors before, I have toyed with the idea but always dismissed it. That is until I got an email from a wonderful FIT student named Meghan Navoy asking if I would be interested in doing a post on her etsy shop Meg Knits, she said she's new to the scene and is looking for a way to get her shop out there. I was more than happy to help, and so we worked out a trade! You see, I was once a broke FIT student as well, and I know shelling out $30 to sponsor a blog seems like a whole lot to someone who spends most of their $$ on school suplies. I told her to send me over this cute knit bralette top and we could call it even!

And what's even better, I have one for a lucky reader too! I am going to be giving this same top away in a light grey color (pictured below) all you have to do is..
1. tell me how you would style this cute cropped bralette top for spring
2. hop on over the Meg Knits facebook page and "like" it!
And please leave an Email so I have a way of contacting the winner! The giveaway is running until next saturday the 16 when i will pick a winner at random, and all week long I am also offering 10% off anything in her shop, just use code ITGIRLRAGDOLL at checkout!

Meghan also has a great blog and tumblr you should check out. I love meeting stylish girls that live near by. Looks like I'm gonna have to take a trip into FIT soon to meet this cutie in person!

ps. the top is about 24-27" stretched just below the bust, in case you wanted an idea of size.




noa said...

HOLYSHIT that is the most awesome top, I can't believe it's handmade. I love little crop tops. I'd totally just wear it with high waisted shorts and a bunch of really long necklaces like a hippie witch.. I really love the way you've styled it too though BAH I want one, so I'm here.


Anonymous said...

I like you! I like Meghan! And I love the bralette.
Sincerely, Cody Marie.

EevvaStyle said...

I really love this outfit! I like it!

Emily said...

Meghan's my sister. Jussayin.

Chelsea said...

I would style this little baby with some high waisted jeans and black suspenders, not enough girls wear suspenders in my opinion!

kayla said...

i would wear it with a maxi skirt and my little circular sunglasses to venice beach. aaahhh i want it!!!

Jenny Morris said...

In Montreal there's a little bar that hosts a hillbilly night - where old and young come together to listen to the older folks perform country songs, gather around tables covered with plastic eating snack bowls and drinking pitchers. There is also line dancing! I would love love to wear this little top there with high waisted dark flare jeans and wooden clogs.

Sid said...

thats the cutest bralet top ever

Tonya said...

Im in!
I would love to wear this under a loose fitting tee and some cut offs this summer...accessorized with a hat of course :)

Bite The Beat said...

My style inspiration for this summer is "Baby" Houseman from Dirty Dancing, and to channel her look I can imagine myself wearing that cropped top, high-waisted floral denim cut offs, with what else but a classic pair of white Keds.

I think it would be the perfect outfit for a summer barbecue, a picnic with friends, or even crawling on all fours while singing "Love Is Strange" to Johnny-- I mean, my boyfriend Steven. :)

Nesha said...

I would wear that cute little bralet over the top of a sheer black dress with black tights and the Jessica Simpson heels i recently bought. I'd also throw on heavy jewellery and perhaps a hat! Spring may be hot for readers who live in America etc, but for me, the typical English girl, it's as cold as ever! That's why a knit bralet like that would be so much more useful than a stupid thin one ha!

Fantastic shop, and blog! She's so awesome.

Liked her Facebook!

My email:


Ps. Good luck everyone!

AquĆ­ said...

love your little knit top! Gorgeous color too!

SeeCodyRun said...

I like you! I like Meghan! And I love the bralette.
Sincerely, Cody Marie.

Reposting, because, whoops, I didn't say how I'd wear this beautiful piece.
I believe this bralette would look wonderful with high waisted, colorfully collaged shorts and this tassle happy cardigan I from Buffalo Exchange. Top it off with my cat eye sunglasses and I'm good to go!

loraliti said...

i'll wear it with nothing underneath(on sunny days[I live in Spain]). With my short pants, my blue hat and spring shoes.

Sasssquatch said...

That bralet is the cutest thing ever.
First thing I must mention is that I live in Hawaii, so I could wear it all year.

So since I have sunny weather almost every day, I could wear it with my favorite high-waisted ripped jeans and my clogs with my heart shaped sunnys

I could also wear it simmilar to you, over my favorite 90's dresses or jumpers

OR I could wear it over my floral AA chiffon button down with a highwaisted skirt

Basically it is the cutest it-item for summer/hawaii

and this is an amazing idea!

my email is

and my name is Caelan Van Halen on FB to check!

schwurlie said...
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schwurlie said...

Ooh I love it.
I wouldn't want to over complicate it so I'd probably just wear it with a very simple poofy long skirt and nothing else (;D) BUT THAT'S JUST ME.