Friday, April 22, 2011

the IOU project

Recently I received an email from Kavita Parmar, the creative director of The IOU Project, letting me in on a little sneak peak of the wonderful thing they have going on. I watched this video and fell in love. I am a full supporter of this handmade/ d.i.y movement that's happening and thats exactly where this project is going. We live in a world run by technology, media and fast paced consumption. As a lover of vintage and the bygone era of when fashion and dressing ment something, I question all the time where fashion would be today if technology had not progressed so fast durring the 21st century. Things are no longer made to last, they are all made to look the same and because of this, making us look the same.

I'm getting off on a tangent here, I will let the video do the rest of the talking. Please take the time to watch (more like read!) this video, it made me giggle to myself and get a little emotional actually. It made me see that there is an even bigger handmade community out there than I thought, and that is very comforting.


Amelia said...

got an email from her too, i love this project so much. i'm very excited about it!

Sewon said...

I received an e-mail about the project, too. I didn't actually get to watch the video but it's great! Thanks for reminding me of it. :)

annah. said...

wow, thank you for sharing! this is something close to my heart - i study woven textiles so i know first hand the work that goes into a piece of fabric, and the struggles ahead for people wanting to forge a career in this. i've signed up and am really looking forward to hearing more about it! thank you!

Annah xx