Wednesday, April 20, 2011

yellow navy and red


Today I was suposed to work at 4am, but the last couple of days I'v developed a cough, and this morning I woke up feeling really miserable so I took the day off! After a good few hours of sleep and some tea I was feeling a bit better, and thank god I wasn't at work cause it turned out to be beautiful out! And all next week is supposed to be a mix of sun and rain, but all in the 60's or higher at least!

This LOVELY red pleated skirt I got over the weekend in MA, and I am just in love with it. I love when I can find vintage thats really well made. This skirt is really nice and structured, the closure is a line of buttons and at the waist band theres like three hook and eyes in different spots to make sure it lays totally flat, really well made stuff. And the color is perfect. The light yellow tee and the dress socks I thrifted at Savers yesterday (theres I think two on Long Island now, just opened this year! never had one before.. although they dont do 50% off tags like the others do.. lame!)

The navy blue cardigan was also thifted, from the little boys section! This wonderful tapestry bag I traded with Courtney over the weekend, it was in her shop, Light Witch and when we were trying to sell our goods over the weekend I fell in love with it. So she got a dress from my shop, and I got this baby! The colors just happen to match this outfit perfectly too! The shoes I got on etsy from Tialey Vintage some time last year and this was my first time really wearing them out! I have a lot of shoes, I need to get a better rotation going. But I have a lot of everything in my closet, I was cleaning and organizing a bit today and somehow I now have over 25 skirts!! And I even eliminated a few to try and trade at Beacon's closet tomorrow.. I think I have a thrifting problem..



Joy said...

I really like this! I love how the colors worked out together :)

Jessicat said...

I'll happily accept any over flow from your amazing closet. Tehe. It does make for interesting outfits all the time though doesnt it!

Victoria said...

My closet is extremely full too...about as full as it can be. I share your thrifting problem.
This outfit is wonderful. The colors are amazing :)

Amelia said...

love everything about this! your hair looks cute swept up like that too.

CDC said...

i've been loving your outfits and hair of late... just always a nice twist to your style (and hair!)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Ah, these pictures are sooo pretty. Love the tapestry bag and the belt, and the yellow flowers behind you are perfect for this outfit!

Phara said...

I also have too many thrifted items, my closet keeps revealing new stuff every day :)
Gorgeous skirt though!

hannah, heart city said...

lovely styling of the maxi skirt! i need some pretty pleats in my life

Emma Litton said...

I adore the red skirt, such a great find!

Lydia Armstrong said...

Those shoes with those socks: genius!!!