Saturday, April 2, 2011

saturday estate


Today is Saturday, which is always my favorite day because Jeremy and I both have off from work! And today happend to be quite a pleasant day, I told Jeremy a couple of days ago that there was an estate sale near by that we could go to. It was nice having the house only be like a 15 minuet drive away, cause usually they are either out east or more out towards queens for some reason.. and both those spots will get you at least a 45 minuet drive. I later found out about another sale pretty close as well, so we had both of those lined up.

Both houses promised 80 years of collected stuff, but not much of a description otherwise. When I go to an estate or tag sale, I'm always looking for clothing first, make my way to the bedrooms and check out the closets. We got to the first house a little past 8 am, right when it opened. There was a line, we did about an hours worth of waiting which kind of sucked. Because although it turned into a nice sunny day, it was still cold then and its been breezy all day too. We talked to a nice man in line in front of us that reminded me of my grandfather who passed away a few years back. He had no idea there was a market for vintage clothing ha. He's like "what do they do with it?" and I'm like "we wear it! there's a whole bunch of girls out there who ware only vintage!" hah, funny old man.

So we get in, I check all the closets first, but they are all empty! So I thought, okay they dont have clothes then. At that point i look to see if there are hats, bags, shoes, scarfs.. all that junk. There was one cute bag that I got for the shop.. Bot otherwise not much. It was such a cool house! I have a few pictures here, I guess I really liked their bathrooms! I wish people still decorated their homes that way.

I am also always on the look out for cute things to decorate my place with, I found some really awesome little framed things to go in my bathroom. So I didn't think there was much here that caught my eye.. Lots of beautiful old things, but I have to try and be a bit more picky about what I get these days, so at that point I headed to the attic. Right away I see clothes hanging from a pole in the center of the caped room. I did a bee-line straight to it.. but all i see is kinda ugly big 70s shapelessness. Oh but hey, theres another lady there, with crazy red hair and shes all "oh heres all the stuff I went through already (hands me a box) and i'll have more for you over here." I didn't really know what she was talking about.. so I just kept looking at the rack, and then through the box.. it's all garbage. Then I finally look up and I see this woman surrounded by clothing, piles on both sides. So I go over to look there and she says to me "Well this stuff is all off limits right now, this is my pile that I'm taking (points to pile on right) and this is the one I havent looked through yet but I'm looking at now (points to pile on left) you can look through it when I'm done."

So I'm like... Hold the phone lady! Actually I was speechless. I don't know where this woman thinks she is, but at an estate sale its free reign, you can't just claim an area and say "you cant look here till i'm done!" I started to talk back to her.. but she was crazy man! So I told her she was being rude and this isn't worth my energy and I just walked away. I was pissed! But I got over it, and I had more luck with clothing at the second sale.

How many of you go to estate sales? Have you ever had problems like this? Here on Long Island, they are all really overpriced and it blows! I've heard of people getting dresses for a dollar at estate sales, everyones just greedy here! Tell me about your Estate/Tag sale stories.

Anyway, here's what I wore! This blouse is going to be for sale in my shop, wanted to take it out just once before listing it, I think it is so cute! This skort I got thrifting in South Carolina last year, the belt, tights and boots are all thrifted. These are my FAVORITE boots! They are really worn in now, they kind of tilt in weird ways, but I love them.



Dulcie said...

We don't have estate sales in the UK full stop! Wish we did though xx

hillary, mammal and lamb said...

What an awesome colorful house! Oh man, I've definitely dealt with crazy ladies at estate sales too. Since so many people make a living off of reselling vintage in Portland, you literally have to race and push through the house to check anything out.

Love your boots! <3

anabela / fieldguided said...

I haven't been to many estate sales but I've heard so many "crazy lazy at the estate sale" stories that I think it's actually kind of normal! Always kind of cut-throat. Ehhn, not worth it!

You have dream hair.

Phara said...

No estate sales in Belgium too, it would be lovely to go to one.
Oh and so sorry to hear about that lady, what was she on about... Good thing you just walked away, those people aren't worth yr energy :)
Better luck next time, I always say.

hattitude said...

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog
ah! i love love love this house! i wish i could pick it up and put it in my home in toronto!

where do you learn about the estate sales in your area? a newspaper or website?

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Meg said...

Ahhh I love your headboard, so glamorous

Katrinka Myhre said...

Ugh, I've been to a few estate sales in my area and they either didn't have any clothing, or the clothing was at prices you'd see on etsy! I think the companies that put on estate sales are onto the value of vintage clothing. It makes me a little sad, since thrift shops are starting to get in on it too, it's like the days of finding a cheap vintage treasure are gone.

Anonymous said...

I have never been to any estate sales! I wish to go into one. :)

Lovely outfit!! XX