Thursday, March 3, 2011



Get it? Like lolita? But high, cause these make me so tall! Okay, you get it. So I got these in the mail yesterday, right on time just as expected! Solestruck is a great company, the UPS shipping and tracking they use is awesome! I saw exactly when my shoes were leaving certain checkpoints, and that i would be getting them on Wednesday by the end of the day. I worked until 1 so I was hoping i would come home to a package on my doorstep, and I was right!
I immediately put them on and walked around the house in them while I made chili for the nights potluck at the Metz family residence. They really are as comfy as everyone says! They fit true to size and really, so comfortable! it doesn't even feel like your standing on top of 5 inch platforms. Except for when I was chopping garlic at the counter and I had to lean over the accomplish this hah. I can't wait to really wear them out and put them to use. I'm glad my boyfriend is tall already, these make me just about his height hah.
This purple velvet dress I got thrifting in the Hamptons with my mom last week. I saw it and immediately thought of the Steven Alen long pule velvet dress from his current collection. As soon as I saw that dress I knew I had to be on the lookout for something like it at the thrifts. And so here ya go! I like this one better than the sleeveless one he has too. As you can see I cut this one.. a bit too short actually, but still good enough. I need to finnish the hem though, I hate doing that! It's hard to tell but this dress closes up the front with a bunch of hook and eyes, really cool and different from the usual button. I feel like wearing this dress every day! And so continues my long hem line obsession!



CDC said...

holy shit Emily... boy is that a rockin' outfit. those shoes are amazing, honestly i was wondering what they'd look like in "real life" and they are perfect. perfect! :)

Dulcie said...

it's awesome, you're so stylish xx

chloe said...

i love the black litas. amazing!