Monday, March 28, 2011

wild child


This is what I wore to gradn jury duty today.. I don't know what I was thinking really.. not sure what you wear to those types of things. I just know I wanted to look like I didn't belong there. Like I was some kind of degenerate hippie who could give a hoot about jury duty. But as you can see from all my activity on my blog today, I was out of there before 11 am, I wasn't chosen in the lottery and so I got to go home! So what I thought was going to be a month of being broke and having no time on the weekdays to do anything has just totally turned around and I could not be happier! Don't have to worry about being chosen for it for another 6 years too!

This dress I thrifted the other day, my second really lucky day at the salvation army in a week! Found one vintage dress right after another, all cute 60s mini dresses. And they are all going into the shop as soon as I get some photos of them, including this one! This one is the shortest of the bunch, but I really love the colors. This faux fur coat I thrifted a few years ago, it's mt favorite!



Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Ugh, I hate jury duty. Thankfully I've never had to do it, but I was greeted with a $2000 fine once for accidentally missing one, haha! Got out of that one, though, yay.

Great outfit!

x Michelle


i love that you wore this jury duty, but love even more that you got out of it so early - jury duty is booooring!

Anonymous said...

so great!love the fur flower combo!