Thursday, March 24, 2011



Sorry I went a bit overboard on the photos here, the weather turned out to be so nice today and I was really digging the way these photos were coming out in the sunlight. I woke up this morning to snow on the ground! Not too too much, but a small coating over the trees and grass. But by like noon it was pretty much all melted thank god! I'm super ready for spring, down with snow!
I went to Palmer, MA this weekend to visit some friends and go to what I thought was going to be some kind of Neutral Milk Hotel band collective thing, but turns out it was a bit different than I thought. It was Elephant 6, which is the collective where Neutral Milk Hotel stems from, some of the band members were there.. but no NMH was played ;( I was pretty bummed, really wanted to sing along to some of my favorites, but it was still a cool show. Also any excuse to go see Chris and Courtney is great!
I'm wearing two things here that I got up there this weekend at an indoor flea market, first off this hat! Recently I have been on the hunt for more hats, something with a brim but not too big, more like this! And it was only like $6 then 30% off! I wore it all weekend and I'm still wearing it all over! This white blouse I also got there, I also got two other really pretty white vintage blouses.. but then I got home and tried them on and .. oops! I love them all! I think I will sell maybe one or two eventually, but for now I'm gonna see if I can get a wear or two out of them before passing them on.
The skort, belt, tights and brown shoes are all thrifted, oh and the bag as well. I have never been a huge colored tights gal, but recently the pop of color has been drawing my attention. These ones I think I got for like 50 cents at the salvo a while ago and this is my first time wearing them. My favorite colors right now: forest green, purple, navy blue and sea foam green, like my nails!



Amelia said...

pretty, you can't go wrong with a white blouse and black bottoms.

Dulcie said...

This outfit is divine and you are so pretty. I particularly love your sandals. I check your blog religiously at the moment, each of your outfits inspires me so much. You're so fresh! :) xxx

Emma Lavelle said...

I love this outfit Emily! Especially the shoes and bag. And the forest green. I'm also loving green at the moment, such a good colour for Spring xx

Courtney Brooke said...

Super FOXY!

Hannah said...

SO PERFECT. You're like my thrifting icon right now.

Phara said...

Oh my, I'm amazed, such a simple outfit, but I love it so much. The coloured tights really add something to it, goes perfect with the brown colours.

Jessica - Naomi said...

Love the tights! I always think Im wearing black tights out and get surprised with random colours when I see them in the sun (my room is as dark as a crypt), so I have a fondness for color tights, theyve grown on me by fate and luck :D and your haircolour is especially pretty lately!! Alos like the blouse, I was looking at a blouse very like this one on etsy a day ago!

Zoƫ, Lion Heart Vintage said...

ooooo forest green tights! what an awesome colour to ring in spring. and lady, i just love you in a hat! totally inspiring me to wear more of mine!

Louise said...

Pretty - you look like an old film star! I love the curls. And your sandals too! Everything! :)

Taylor Kitto / The Little Deer said...

Such a sexy/cute outfit! I was inspired by this outfit today... if only I had some cute green tights!

Emma Lavelle said...

This outfit is adorable! You have the prettiest clothes Emily! xx