Saturday, March 12, 2011



Aww, a boyfriend photo shoot, for old times sake! Today I convinced Jeremy to take my outfit photos for me since we were going out to get Starbucks and visit the thrift store. But today actually started with a drive into Brooklyn to visit Hannah to shoot some photos of new things for my shop Golden Fur Vintage. (which, by the way, still has a 50% OFF EVERYTHING sale till monday if ya just use the code SUNSHINE) !!!!
After the little photo shoot we did a couple of weeks ago, I really liked the look of these more candid shots, so thats the look we went for this time around for my shop photos. I'm still trying things out here and there and seeing what kind of look I like for it.. what pleases me seems to change all the time. But I think I'm going to like these photos mostly just because it's so much fun modeling for Hannah, things are really relaxed and I think we have the same aesthetic when it comes to things like this.
So this dress is the navy blue wiggle dress I mention in this post that I got from Beacon's Closet. I love it to death, just what I had been looking for in terms of a wiggle dress. Also in the best color I'v been wearing since my hair color change. The RF initials pin I thrifted in a mixed bag filled with other brooches. I don't know what it should stand for now... but I thought it just looked really sweet with this dress. Gives it more of a MadMen vibe. The tights are from forever 21 and don't seem to leave my body these days. And the shoes are thrifted from a long time ago.
Oh! and these awesome glasses! They aren't real, I got them from forever 21 a few years ago and I don't wear them nearly enough. I love the thick frames, kind of like eyebrows! I think teh shape fits me face well too. If ever I need to get actual glasses, these are my go to shape.



Emma Lavelle said...

You look adorable in those glasses! And love the colour combination of navy and burnt orange xx

Dulcie said...

stunning dress and brooches and your hair looks lovely like that! :) xx

Zoƫ, Lion Heart Vintage said...

you are suuuuuuuuuper duper cute. can't wait to see those new pictures!

...i think the R F should stand for "resplendently fabulous" or "raunchy feline" or even "rad feminist"!

tara-lynn / good night, day said...

you're a doll! did hannah tell you about what i asked her? if not ask her, what i asked!


Emily, you are SUPER adorable. And those tights are such a great pop of color to the dress. And YES! You definitely look like a character from Mad Men. You should audition, haha.

Courtney Brooke said...

Ridiculously Fun

Which is exactly what this outfit is and so are you!

Michele said...

Lovely outfit! I love the color scheme and the glasses just finish the whole look!

Honor said...

I love your hair, I wish I could do the same cool styles that you are able to do. Your glasses are incredibly groovy aswell :)

Ashley Ording said...

Ooh, I love the dress! And I have those same exact glasses, how funny... also, when are you going to make this hairstyle into a video tutorial??? It'd be so good!

Flashes of Style said...

So cuuuute! I love your glasses.