Friday, March 25, 2011

that 70s show


So as I mentioned on here before, I have been watching That 70s Show like mad recently! All the seasons are on instant watch on Netflix, which my boyfriend has hooked up to his xbox so its easy to watch on the tv. The episodes are only 22 minuets long, so I'v been blowing through them on my downtime, when I'm browsing the net and such. I'm currently halfway through the third season now, and my favorite character by far has to be Laurie Forman if only for her wardrobe! Well I think that is the only reason why I love her, cause as the rest of the cast says, shes a whore ;)

But common! She has the best high waisted jeans and THE BEST platforms all the time! So this outfit was totally inspired by her, except if I was really staying true to her character, I would be wearing some kind of extra small short sleeve sweater and no bra! She also has the best feathered hair.. anyone know how to go about doing that? Cause I love it, would wear it every day.

Yesterday I had the day off and accidentally went to forever 21 and bought this whole outfit! Woops! I really never shop at stores, never really go to the mall.. but I went yesterday with plans to go to JCpenny to check out the Olsenboye collection.. which turned out to be LAME! And then forever 21 was right there.. so I just popped in! I came across these pants and I could not resist, they arent a jean material.. more like jeggings, but a little more on the jean side, ha! but they are soft and had a cute flare to them. Actually a size too big, but i just took them in a bit when I got home. I got this top too, I love the shape of it, and purple I just keep coming back to you! This I altered also, it had another teir of fabric to it.. but i prefer tops cropped, so I just cut it right off! That leads me to these sandals! Forevs has some super cute shoes right now.. not the best craftsmanship and kind of cheap material, but they are all under $30 bucks so.. whatever! It was between these and another pair with more of a platform, but in the end I chose these cause I dont have anything like thm, and I figured with the smaller heel I would wear them more often. Sooo, yea!

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who have been leaving the sweetest comments recently! I know I don't really respond to any, blogspot doesn't have the best comment section that lets me do that. But I do appreciate all the kind words. I'm glad I can inspire you guys, I follow a good deal of you too and I can say, I'm just as inspired.

oh and the belt is thrifted and the sunnies are from etsy.

edit: just found this video of Laurie, check it out!



Anonymous said...

you're so lovely as usual!!

Anonymous said...

love your shades!

hattitude said...

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog
ha! you totally embodied laurie here!
those flares are AWESOME jeans. High waisted too? SCORE.
i found you on another blog. I like the way you kick and will stick around. following you now :)

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Wangari said...

I can totally see how you were inspired by laurie with this outfit. I looove That 70s show, but I watched it before I really got into fashion, so I might have to re-watch it for some fashion inspiration. They are so on trend ;) Oh and you have a lovely outfit on, the purple is gorgeous.

Michal said...

Oooo so 70s!! I love it. & don't feel bad, we all have to go on a forever 21 shopping spree every once in a while! hehe

the snail and the cyclops said...

Emily, you look beautiful!

And I cannnnnot even get over the fact that the blouse is from Forevs !!!

I've been on their website for the past 20 minutes hunting for it - haven't found it yet, but I did find this little sweetie !

I love it in the yellow stripe!

I think I might be trekking out to the store sometime this weekend!! And hopefully coming home with both blouses !!!

islabell said...

I just found your blog through the upside of wonder. I'm stoked and will be following along.
I can't believe that shirt and jeans/jegging are from forever 21. They look so vintage. And your sunglasses are to die for.
looking good lady!

taylorkitto said...

I got addicted to that 70's show recently also, due to netflix I've watched like 4 seasons in a month. Is that sad!? Ha! But I definitely agree with you... it influenced my style. I am always so jealous of their jeans and platforms... and laurie's hair!

Lola said...

Great 70s look, you're really pretty! those sunnies look awesome, perfect finish!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Super cute look here Emily! I can't believe all of this is from Forever 21. It looks and fits you so well. I've been hunting for a pair of shoes like that. I might just have to pop into F21 a find myself a pair. You're just too cute.

Phara said...

What a lovely blouse!
I've always had a thing for Hyde and his crazy hair and band shirts. They played reruns of the show for ages on Belgian tv.

lavelle said...

Those flares are amazing! xx

Dulcie said...

You make high street look vintage! I bought some flares from Topshop in December and they are gorgeous but they're not high-waisted which means there's something totally missing from the 70s look. I shall have to keep rifling through the flares rail in my fave second hand/rag shop... xxx