Friday, March 18, 2011

so nice out


So today is like almost 70 degrees out!! And I have to go to work at 2! ug! And I'v been inside all day listing items in my shop and petting my cats and watching That 70s Show (all the seasons are on instant watch.. I'm almost through the second season already... I LOVE THE 70s!) and only went outside to take these photos and I'm disturbed at how its like.. hot out! I just wish I had something fun and spring like to do!

So this dress I'm wearing as a skirt is one of the great things I got yesterday at the thrift store. It's really simple, but I love the colors, I dont think I have anything in this color pallet in my closet. The belt I also got yesterday, I just love the pale blue color! The short sleeve sweater is also thrifted, as well as the socks. These fake glasses I got at Beacon's Closet. And these shoes! They are Miu Miu! I got them a few years ago when a DSW-like shoe warehouse place was going out of business. Guess how much they were? Well, at like 80% off they were only $15! and in my exact size!! I'm also pretty sure Chloe Sevigny owns the same ones (she described them once in an interview as being her favorite shoes!!) and boy am I a fan of her!

I can not wait for this weekend! I'm going up to western mass to stay with friends Courtney and Chris for the most wonderful weekend ever!! Three things are coming together this weekend to make it amazing, the "super" full moon tomorrow night, the first day of spring the next day, and Neutral Milk Hotel!! Or at least some sort of gathering of band members at this small venue called the flywheel.... I just can not hold in my excitement. I am a HUGE Neutral Milk Hotel fan.. I think I can dye happy after this weekend :)

Oh! at the end of this post you can see a photo of my cat George in his favorite spot, sitting like a little man! :)



Ashley Ording said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those exclamation points are for NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL. Holy geeeeeeez, I can't even believe that. They were my favorite band of all-time growing up (and well, still are). I'm so jealous! Take a zillion photos of them? And video? :)


You look precious/smokin' hot!! and those Miu Miu's are INSANE!!!

Jessicat said...

bahahahaha. Your cat truely must be the man of your house. Love it.
And your outfit of course!

wardrobeexperience said...

lovely miu miu wedges. nice story how yu get them.

amazing style. i will come back soon!

Neekoh said...

I saw this look on CaliVintage and had to stop by to tell you how much I love it! I've been really into short-sleeved sweaters lately, so this is the perfect look to me :)


Wangari said...

I absolutely adore this outfit, you look amaazing!

Lacee Swan said...

those shoes are amazing! new to your blog-love your style!